I want to know someone like this. He'll tell me all about the constellations and greek mythology, and he'll reassure me when I tell him of all my irrational fears.

He'll tell me it's simple to laugh. He'll teach me how to smile, even. He'll explain that it's easy to forget that you have a responsibility to this earth to remain within its rules and limitations.

We'll go out driving on wednesday nights, with no particular destination in mind. Maybe we'll stop at that cute little coffee shop where they have live music until early in the morning. No, dear, we don't belong there. Let's go to a place where we can drink moonlight and listen to the art of andy warhol.

The smallest things will become magnificent and beautiful when he is there to experience them with me. There isn't anything we can't do, dear. I can change the sky with a wave of my hand if you want me to. But don't. Ok. Just sit there and we'll talk. Talk about the ways in which the world has evolved into our own little playground.

And life will pass by. One day we'll be walking down a pier in a Connecticut and the next moment I'll be by his coffin. He'll be smiling that marvelous smile of his.

I'll smile, too, because he taught me how.

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