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Are your breasts unhappy? Are you unhappy with your breasts? Perhaps you are not challenging them. They are like bored twins at the back of an anatomical classroom - annoyed with your whining and sick of hearing you spout the same useless phrases at them.

Why won't you grow?
Couldn't you be a little firmer?
How come the left one is bigger?

You are not doing justice to your breasts. You are not wearing them to their full extent. Be proud of what they are, and challenge them daily to live up to their potential! Buy that cute low cut tank top you saw at The Gap! To hell with a bra, your breasts can handle it. Hold your head up high, enjoy that breeze and resist the urge to fold your arms over your chest! If you wear your breasts to their full extent - they will thank you for it.

So will the boys.

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