Everything is relative, which includes what does and does not matter. A thing doesn't "matter" in an absolute sense. It matters to someone or to many people. Specifically, my happiness sure as hell matters to me. For all I know, all you people could just be figments of my imagination.

The point is not that I'm an egomaniac (hmm... probably true nonetheless) but that happiness is important to each person experiencing it (or failing to). I contend that the happiness of the individual is of utmost importance. It is by my happiness and joy and delight in life that allows me to continue living. My happiness in particular might not be too important in the overall scheme of things but then again neither is my life, and I'm not about to go and off myself because of that fact, nor will I stop trying to be happy.

An inescapable fact of my sentience is that my universe is centered around me. I see with my eyes (although not very well without my glasses), I think with my brain (some would argue that point...), and I feel with my heart (figuratively speaking, of course). I can't help but see everything from my own perspective. Therefore, in my universe my happiness is pretty important. Does that make me self-centered? It sure does, but part of my happiness comes from the happiness of others, (for example, my friends and family). If my case is the norm and not just a fluke, My Happiness Matters A Lot, and so does that of every single other person, not just the majority.

Sorry, I'm a firm believer in the individual over the group. If that makes me a selfish bastard, well, I know I'm not alone in this bunch.

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