Song by Led Zeppelin from their first album. It starts with John Paul Jones playing a baroque organ intro, building it as though he were playing a pipe organ in St. Paul's Cathedral, then starting over with a much simpler, bluesy vamp. John Bonham brings the rest of the band in with a big fat cymbal, and then settles into a steady backbeat for as long as anyone can expect him to--he breaks out of his cage by the end of the song with pleasant results, as always. Robert Plant stays moderately mellow on vocals, and Jimmy Page adds in a sliding descant on the pedal steel guitar, but also picks out rhythm on it for the bulk of the song. The sliding notes mesh with Jones' organ just right (or just wrong) in some of the verses and near the chaotic end of the song, creating a dissonance that you'll either love or hate.


Lyin', cheatin', hurtin': that's all you seem to do.
Messing around with every guy in town, putting me down for thinking I'm someone new.
Always the same, playing your game. Drive me insane, trouble's gonna come to you...
One of these days--and it won't be long--you'll look for me, but baby, I'll be gone.
And this is all I've got to say to you, woman:

Your time is gonna come,
your time is gonna come,
your time is gonna come,
your time is gonna come.

Made up my mind to break you this time, won't be so fine, it's my turn to cry.
Do what you want, I won't take affront. It's fading away, I can't feel you anymore.
Don't care what you say, 'cause I'm going away to stay, going to make you pay for that great big hole in my heart.
People talkin' all around, watch out woman, no longer is it you're going to be on my heart--
you'll be back to me woman, but it's coming back home to you!

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