You always wanted to try it
And she grew up in Midwestern winters, so she's game.
Grab a jacket, of course. A hoodie will do fine.
Rent some skates. Get them a size bigger than your chucks.
It takes a while to lace them good and tight, but don't be lazy.
March down to the ice. Take your first steps.

Kinda tricky, balancing on a knife like that
So hang out with her by the wall and practice
Tracing small curves of triumph in gradually smoother strides.
That gets old fast, so when you're ready,
Push off and mingle with other scarves & mittens.
This isn't so hard, you realize.
Take some bigger, harder strides. Feel the burn.
Let the drag whoosh around your face while you sail
That is, after all, why you came here.
Miss your girl? Peek back at her from time to time.
Hands in her pockets, she's
Pretty much just out for a stroll on the ice. Not you;
Feet like Supras gunning down the highway.
One surges ahead, then the other.

Just so you're prepared, however:
There is a moment
When your feet go right
Your body goes left

Hurts like hell for a minute, but eh.
It's bound to happen.

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