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Sitting today in english class, my teacher, a practical 36 year old who acts like a teenager, announced his leave of absence from teaching following the conclusion of the school year. His point in announcing this was that he wanted to make the final 45 days of our education with him an experience we directed ourselves.

He then went on to say that he believed that each person's life is a piece of fiction they write themselves. In other words, the way you react to and interpret things creates your existence. Furthermore, he said that this piece of fiction is something we can change at any time, and that we are in total control of the fabrication known as our life. The idea of total control of one's existence was not what shook me, since "motivational speakers", among others, often say that "life is not what happens to you, it is how you react to what happens." What I found quite new was the idea that your entire existence is something you make up as you go, and thus you can change the course of your entire life at any time. This level of self direction of control is frowned upon in most of society, as obedience to authority and toeing the line are held as quite important. I suppose this is why he is taking a leave of absence from teaching. Beyond that however, this way of looking at life could allow for complete freedom despite the restraints of society

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