A great source of bagged OEM parts. Just make sure you check how much the driver disk and normally included software costs. 20 bucks off a ReWriter is great, unless the required software costs 30 bucks.

Overheard from a former Asian computer store technician, "You see all that stuff out there? Don't buy it. Especially the stuff in the pink bags. But you didn't hear this from me okay? I like my job."

And remember, they stop speaking english after the thirty day warranty.

Once again, YMMV.

Caveat Emptor

Some of the best experiences I've had were with small Mom-and-Pop stores run by folks of Asian descent in San Diego. Unfortunately, some of the worst were also from similar stores.

One should not go into a car dealership and look for nice fast-looking shiny cars. Do your homework, look at consumer rating sites and get opinions of those you trust. If you're not an expert, seek out the opinion of an expert.

After getting burned by the bad business practices of S&G Computers on Clairemont Mesa Blvd in San Diego, I took my time before buying. I read about computer parts in trade magazines, look on sites like Tom's Hardware (http://www.tomshardware.com), then look at going prices on sites like http://www.Pricewatch.com.

There are several stores in San Diego that I still buy stuff from, and I have friends living there pick up the items for me and ship, as they're that much cheaper than similar stores in Colorado. Find a good store with top-notch service and stick with them. They're the guys you want to keep in business, even if it is a tad more expensive. Figure it as a small tax on excellent customer service.

There just happens to be a very large percentage of Asian-descent owned and operated stores in San Diego. Don't assume that the folks won't give you a good deal or won't remember how to speak English after the warranty. Treat them with the same respect you'd treat any other American with - because that's what they are - and you'll find they will return the respect. Once you establish a relationship with a good store, refer your friends to them so you can keep them in business.

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