I am the Way into Eternal Sorrow,

with the bad apostrophe's mis(placed.or)matched paren)
theses imp|roper punctuation? and grotty cade|nce
          |                                  |
hiding in |the curly brases                  |
under the |underscore  behind  the  french  s|pacing
learn the |rules and then forget them <-- rep|eat until dead <--
          |                                  |
  the dark|knight,the dark night,the dirk gently, the
 gently prodding, the trodden path,  the mountain pass,  the
 mountain lake,   the mountain river,   the mountain mountain,

the tree,page,book,word,eye,mind

The teachers thought I was insane and
and now that i am one of them(The teachers,i mean)
they don't tell me what they think

Maybe I am Paranoid , Maybe I am Egocentric
maybe i am trapped in A Box Called art Demonstrate, Everything for
God, He is just kidding, man, laughing now,
over there standing right q p with Velvet Underground.
You zig?x

If you're still reading this, you missed the end.

The end
- justifies the means
- is the most important part .

everyone says re Your poem must fit entirely in the box below to be eligible for the contest: What the fuck is this shit?

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