A planet in the Babylon 5 universe. It is the homeworld of the Shadows, and was also home to Lorien, the first of the First Ones from time immemorable. Other alien races also inhabited Z'ha'dum, among them the Drakh, although it is unknown where their homeworlds lie.

The planet was destroyed shortly after the end of the Shadow War, when Sheridan and Lyta returned to look for abandoned technology, accidentally (purposefully, on Lyta's part) setting off a self destruct system

Babylon 5 Season 3 Finale (Episode 22).

Primary Plot: Sheridan returns to Z'ha'dum with Anna and meets with the Shadows human representatives. He sends the White Star that brought them there crashing down into the main city and detonates the nuclear devices aboard. He jumps off a cliff right before the ship detonates, seemingly dying.

Secondary Plot: Londo has been promoted to Minister of Planetary Security.

Tertiary Plot: The Shadows surround the station. After they leave (after the White Star explodes), Garibaldi (who was out in a Starfury) is missing.

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