A record label founded by producer Trevor Horn and "Minister of Disinformation" Paul Morley, ZTT married Steve Lillywhite's "big drums" ambience with dada hijinx using the new medium of digital sampling (heard in Horn's work on Yes' 90125, but gone gonzo at ZTT). The sublime: Early Art of Noise ("Beat Box", "In the Army Now"), Propaganda ("Dr Mabuse", A Secret Wish). The ridiculous: Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Now Just Another Record Label, purveyors of Seal and 808 State.

ZTT at its start in the early 80's was supposed to be as artistically revolutionary as the early (and briefly) visionary days of Soviet Communism. Paul Morley, a former writer for the New Musical Express, appeared to think the ads were more important than the music; Trevor Horn was the resident Phil Spector. But after a while it seemed as if the label's signings were mere puppets dancing at the whim of the ZTTmeisters. (Another sublimity: Propaganda's "Dream Within a Dream".)

The name of the label is the title of probably the most famous poem by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, an Italian Futurist.
It is supposed to reproduce (with an onomatopeia) the noise of a battle.

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