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/me coughs conspicuously

Hai guyz,

WARNING: Noders May Not Be What They Seem to Be

So, I think I should probably admit something... I have been missing since mid-August. Well, except no one missed me. This node is finally being released for IRON NODER. This node is not a suicide note so much as ...well, perhaps it is.

Those who have read B-double, may remember the gist of it. Read it? Ok, now where was I? Oh, yes. No, I'm not going to tell you exactly what happened to me. The matter is open for conjecture, and I am not helping. I s'pose being a zombie, y'all expect me to be covered in blood and whatnot. Well, I'm not. Automated face recognition software has reported spotting me at such events as the 2010 Adelaide Zombie Walk, again with little or no blood.

What you are currently reading has been generated by a relatively unintelligent scraper, connected to a somewhat sophisticated artificial intelligence engine. "Dedicated" searchers have so far failed to find a body, although there is one guy who might eventually get to the bottom of things. Anyway, just thought those who might be interested to hear should be told. It's been fun. I'll catch you on the flip side, those of you whom I will. Take care all. Oh, and one special reader gets a kiss.


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