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I love to cook. Recently I've been experimenting with vegan dishes, although I'm not opposed to eating meat for ethical reasons, it's costly, and I'm trying to stretch my budgeted grocery dollars while still feeding myself well. If you are of the meat eating humanoid type, I'd pair this with a mild white fish that's been broiled, or poached in wine. Serving butternut squash as a side would add color, and increase the Vitamin A content of the meal.

Procure several small zucchinis and as many yellow squash as you would like to prepare. I made a single serving of this dish, so I used one apiece. My ten dollar hand held cheese slicer has a blade that allows me to slice off long thick ribbons of zucchini and squash although you may prefer to cut them into rounds for ease of preparation. However you choose to dissect them, steam them until they brighten, crisp tender is what you are aiming for, but don't worry if you don't get it exactly right the first time. Cooking, like any other art or hobby requires many mistakes before perfection becomes routine.

Remove your steamed zucchini and yellow squash, add your cilantro, and briefly steam it until the color deepens, and intensifies. Arrange your zucchini on your warmed plate or bowl. Top it with some of your yellow squash, and add the wilted cilantro until your eye is satisfied. Steamed spinach could be added to this dish, I have also used avocado slices to smooth out the coarse edges of the cilantro. Extract juice from lemons next, use your judgement when sprinkling, I would estimate that I had a generous tablespoon and a half the first time I made it. This is most of the flavoring of your dish, so I was fairly liberal.

Grate several cloves of garlic, scrape the dripping strands together, and squeeze them over your vegetables. You should see garlic juice mingling with your lemon drops, and soaking into your dish. Drizzle olive oil across everything, I prefer a zig zag motion, if you have an olive oil bottle with a topper, this should be easily accomplished. If not, you may pour straight out of the bottle, but the flow is less controlled so you may end up with puddles of oil instead of a soft coating. Salt and pepper your dish, serve, and enjoy.

Although this dish is a cinch to prepare, I feel compelled to add a note about how vibrant, and textured it is. Glossy zucchini ribbons and bright buttery yellow squash lay the foundation for whimsically scattered, powerfully flavorful cilantro. Fresh lemon and garlic juice zing your tastebuds, although the olive oil balances and tempers the astringency. Avocado or spinach make it more filling than it is otherwise, but you lose the light airiness when you add them. I make this for myself when it's cold and gray outside. There's something about grating garlic, and squeezing citrus that helps chase the wintry blues away. Let me know if you try this, I'd love to hear what others think of my foray into vegan nutrition.

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