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Zyklon is the name of a band from Norway. This extreme metal band was founded by Zamoth, who is also one of the founding members of the legendary black metal band Emperor. The intention of creating this band is to make more aggressive music, with a more aggressive attitude than his other band Emperor. Zamoth plays guitar and bass, and asked fellow Emperor bandmember Trym to drum with Zyklon. The two of them had been writing songs and rehearsing for Zyklon since 1998, but the line-up was enriched in 2000 when Destructor, a member of the band Myrkskog, joined the band.

In July 2000, the band entered the studios with producer Thorbjørn Akkerhaugen to record their debut album. The vocals would be supplied by Daemon, who is the singer of Limbonic Art. However, it is still uncertain if Daemon will remain the permanent vocalist, or if they will use a different one for the next album. The recordings resulted in the album World ov Worms, which was released on Candlelight Records in 2001. The lyrics are mostly of apocalyptic or anti-religious nature (but in no way racist or fascist), while the music is very brutal and aggressive.

Recently, the band were not allowed to play in Hardenberg, The Netherlands, when they were supposed to open the show for Morbid Angel. This was because of a rumor that the band were right-wing extremists, and the management of the hall didn't want to be connected to those type of bands. A German ministry considered one of Zamoth's previous bands, Zyklon B, racists, even though this was also not true. The name Zyklon (and Zyklon B) has some connection to nazis, but that is because Zyklon B was the name of the gas used to kill people in concentration camps in World War II. The name was chosen to shock people (which basically is the whole purpose of this type of music), and apparently it worked. The band has no racist motives, they just have some apocalyptic visions. Too bad people accuse bands too soon without researching if the rumors are true, which in this case, they are not.

Band website: http://www.zyklontribe.com

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