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A hard to find delight in these days of fancy coffee and tea. If you were ever lucky enough to live in Twin Peaks, you could get a cup at the Double R.

As has been noted elsewhere, there's often these sickeningly delightful vending machines that'll plop down a cup and spurt out a quick stream of java for you. If you're lucky, there'll be a poker game on the cup where you look at the bottom of the cup to see your last card. Unfortunately, as seen in Terminator 2, such moments of joe-joy can provide liquid android from he future an ample distraction to lance your head.

But getting your 25 cent coffee from this kind of quickly-machinery is like visiting a 25 cent strip arcade for your kicks instead of the whiskey soaked country redheads you might be expecting and really pining after. Yes, sir, when it comes to 25 cent coffee, it's gotta come in a thick ceramic cup, preferably with the name of the greasy spoon you're in on it, outta a steaming pot.

Accept no substitutions.

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