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the hips' french kiss, rum butter punch of
mortalities meeting, undressed:

the peachy suckheat that milks
frenzied forest fires to wet mouthfuls gulped
down hunted throats, exhaling gentle
expletives, humble obscenities which melt
against violent moans; the languorous
animal grind, to expel every reverie that
denies the nude formality, a swell
of breast, of breath, crested simultaneous to fall
from swollen lips, the scent of sweat, subliminal

fluttering to catch crashing sighs in limbo,
the blood's retreat, sleepy eyed and simple;
the lover's hum of sheets unmade, loosed
quietly and flush against the chest's
hushed heartcage

the afternoon watches dreamily from her autumn perch
as the leaves change
a deeper shade of red

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