Cathleen is happy
or possibly content
living by herself
in her apartment

Or at least she was
until that day
a wandering dream
came in to stay

It whispered
It muttered
It shouted
It yelled

What if? What if?
What if you wanted.
What if you lived
The wants withheld

The residue of music
The echo of scent
Impressions of flavors
The dream did ferment

In what felt like a moment
her apartment felt small
The world was so big
and a one bedroom would never
contain it all

So she left with two bags
one empty one full
and picked a direction
gave in to the pull

The dream licked its lips
now having succeeded
For she left with such haste
all warnings unheeded

And the big world took notice
And opened it's maw
And swallowed up Cathleen
Luggage and all

The apartment sits empty
The dust now collects
So come learn a lesson
Before you regret

A safe life is safe
and that life is just fine
not everyone needs
dancing and wine
But dreams need to breathe
And the soul needs to play
So don't lock them up
Or they'll steal you away.

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