Shit, where do I start? I have two pages of events from this weekend written down for you already. So much happened in so little time. But, you don't want a step by step, you want a tale. And, although officially this weekend was about meeting Dana and attending her wedding to Dizzy, whom I had already met, for me it was more about meeting Rosie. So that is the tale I will tell.

We had talked many times online and I must admit to having crushed on her a bit. But, hearing her talk about her Kendall, is just the most amazing thing. There are few people in this world so well suited for each other, who make each other so happy. And, when you enter their place you realize it isn't a house, it's a home. It is their home, filled with unexpected little surprises and incongruities I never expected to see. It was a whole 'nother side of her that had only been hinted at before, that couldn't really be conveyed with words.

With a warm smile and soft touches she invited me into her life more deeply that I had expected or hoped for. So often there is that space, the gulf between newly met people. But she knew how important touches are to me and called me over to her couch and let me snuggle in her lap. Thank you void. You have no idea how much your snuggles meant to me, or how badly I needed them.

Eventually we ventured off to Ann Arbor for rehearsal and bachelor and bachelorette parties. After dinner we split and the girls went to dance, and the boys to be danced upon. Rosie and I shook our leather clad asses with miller while Dana and Melissa stayed with each other and a friend they met there. I did manage to get a few dances with the bride that night. It was the most pieces of closeness I got with my friend all weekend. But, that was to be expected. I think I will never have a wedding like that. I want touches and contact and hours upon hours being close to the people I care about, the people we invite to share that moment with us.

That night void and I snuggled close and told each other of the people we love. In the morning we laid together and let the conversations continue. It is nice to have someone like that: a friend you can share those intimate pieces of your life with as you hold each other close.

As the evening approached we found ourselves far from the wedding with faulty directions. We dropped of the best man and the usher and while she and infinite burn and I ran home to change out of our far too casual clothes. When we finally made it back the wedding was over and the reception was well under way. I'm so sorry Dana. I feel like shit about that. I wanted to be there so badly for you and I feel like I let you down.

We danced, and we ate, and we drank. We met zot-fot-pig, theFez, clampe, the guilded frame, clear wing, and nieken (some friday and some saturday). We smiled, we hugged, we talked, and encountered. We partied, and we all celebrated Anthony and Dana.

Afterwards we rescued zot-fot-piq and his roomie (two sweet but amazingly stubborn boys) when their alternator belt died, then headed set off for home. Each speaking hardly a word upon arrival we moved through the rooms and found places to sleep.

Sunday went so fast. This weekend is all but over as the monkey and I make our way back to Boston. I miss you already Void, and I wonder what the universe had in mind placing all the women I am closest to hundreds, or thousands, of miles beyond my grasp.

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