With absolute power, the usual checks and balances that keep one from going mad cease to function. The power of whim reaches an unreasonable level, because one needn't reconcile their opinions with the desires of others.

Another take on it is that the error correction inherit in democratic systems is eliminated by the ability to supercede or work around natural social processes.

The capacity to wield unlimited power is something I'm sure many people thirst after- as, I'm sure, a man lost in the desert would really dig a million gallons of water while he dies of thirst. When people don't have something, or enough of it to suit their desires, they set themselves towards getting more than they really need. The saying "absolute power corrupts absolutely" is applicable only when greed, the power over other people's lives or religion/government are connected with that power. When will power or the power to teach others wisdom is the power in question, one cannot be corrupted by it- nor can one have too much of it.

And, yes, I absolutely agree that when one person gets too much power in their hands, their actions can easily be and most likely will be guided by whimsy. After all, since they have all the power in their hands, who can refute them- even over a whim? Such people who act in this fashion, allowing themselves to be lured by whimsy and power, are not to be trusted nor are they to be loved. You can't love someone, or even like them, if they have no love for anyone else but themselves. But, boy, you sure can fear them.

And, of course, fear is the catalyst for respect. Isn't it?

I dunno. Go ask someone who has a lot of power at their disposal.

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