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When you mix this with outspoken people, the man, politicians and/or leaders, this is something I really hate. I put it on par with hate crime. In my world, an action fuelled by ignorance would be a felony, punishable by death. In many cases this is the full or partial reason for hate crime, which is one of the big reasons why I hate it so much.

It does not particularly irk me if some idiot decides to brazenly go out into the world and do something phenomenally stupid (see Darwin Award). What pisses me off is when that something affects me. This is shit. This is bad. It's about as close to evil malevolence as you can get without actually being it.

Of course I don't necessarily mean total ignorance of the subject. It can be action based on misconception or misperception. Because of that it is closely linked with bad judgement and quick judgement. It's still stupid. Major proponents of this type of thing include the media and the man.

Even idiots who vote perpetrate this evil sin. It is often the cause of stupid laws that are passed. For instance in many cases proposals to censor the internet can be linked to this. Classical case example is in Australia.

It has played a major role in history, often bloody. Notably, it was used by the Church to manipulate the masses. Unfortunately it will still play a part in the future. Many purpetrators of these crimes are often overzealous religious fundamentalist right wing rednecks, or a combination of one or more of the afore stated. And assholes to boot.

I would point out that you have you have a legal right to say your mind. You have an ethical responsibility to be informed before you act upon it. Action fuelled by ignorance is intrinsically wrong.

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