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A little backwards glance in the mirror every now and then reveals many things that I once was and what I’m pretty sure I’ve become..

Aging Process

Where I once saw the flaws in people
Now I now see the beauty
Where I once bathed in the glare of the light
I now prefer the flicker of the candle

Where I once craved precision
Now I enjoy the chaos
Where I once liked bouquets of flowers in vases
Now I prefer the wildflowers down by the stream

Where I once lived by the rules
Now I like to take my chances
Where I once adored myself in the mirror
Now I see my reflection in puddles

Where I once liked the finest of restaurants
Now I like the smoke of the grill
Where I once liked my bathwater scented
Now I prefer the familiar clean smell of soap

Where I once compared the latest fashions
Now I like my jeans and t-shirts
When I once held back my tears
Now they fall like water from a waterfall

Where I once preferred the limelight
Now I live in the shadows
When I once loved the sound of applause
Now I crave some silence.

Yeah, I know, I’m not much of a “poet” but the mood seemed right. I should probably leave this kinda stuff to another member of the family.

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