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Any of the electrical waves from the parietal and occipital regions of the brain, having frequencies from 8 to 13 hertz. It is a sign of relaxation, since they indicate a lack of sensory stimulation in a conscious person.

Alpha waves are higly regular waves found in an EEG or ERP record of a drowsy individual. While present, interpretation of EEGs and ERPs almost impossible, as the drown out most waveforms due to their high amplitude. They are not easily filtered from a record.

In brain wave frequencies, alpha represents the frequency range of non-arousal. A person who is resting but not asleep is most likely in the alpha state. Reflection and most meditation occurs in the alpha state. Taking a moonlight stroll will often throw your brain into the alpha frequency range.

Some people believe that alpha is the brain wave state that is aimed for in meditation. Other people believe that theta is the brain wave state that should be sought in meditation. I think it just matters how low you can go without falling asleep.

Alpha is approximately 8 to 13 cps (cycles per second). Different researchers will give different numbers for any brain wave frequency range, so I am trying to pick the average stated by researchers.

Alpha brain waves are slower, and higher in amplitude than beta waves.

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