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A Usenet newsgroup, originally created by someone with hasty mind in honor of Karl Malden's nose. More recently, it has become one of those dark corners of the Usenet no one wants to go after hearing what happens in there.

Meowers are there.

Originally, I've heard, the group was used by some people to exchange more or less personal notes; Then, it became the nest of "usenet performing artists" - ie, people who crosspost like hell some wacky crap and think they're sooooo funny. Trust me, you won't like them.

In case you want to keep your article view clear for all eternity, and avoid this mess, just do what I do and killfile the articles that are crossposted to this group. For example, this recipe is for slrn:

Score: -9999
        Newsgroups: alt\.fan\.karl-malden\.nose

See also: alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk, troll, spam

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