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An old lady was sitting in her home knitting. Suddenly, a beautiful fairy appears before her. She says she will grant the old lady three wishes, of reasons that do not concern the scope of this joke. The old lady, excited, thinks about her first wish. She finally has an answer -- "I wish that I were rich."

And with that, the fairy nodded and in a blink of an eye, the woman's home was filled all sorts of riches.

The fairy asks for the old lady's second wish. The old lady wishes: "I wish I were young and beautiful again."

And once again, in a blink of an eye, the old lady had turned into a beautiful, not so old lady.

Now, the fairy says, "And your final wish?"

This time the now young and beautiful lady had to really think. At around this time, the lady's cat happened to wander into the room.

"I've got it," the lady says, "I wish that my cat be turn into a handsome prince!"

The fairy nods, and the cat was soon turned into the most handsome man that the lady had ever seen, and it made her heart race. She watched as her prince slowly approached her, a smile playing on his face. He leans forward, and into her ear he whispers...

"I bet you're sorry now you had me neutered."

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