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Also known as 'when animas attack.'

This is a way of explaining the whole phenomenon of falling in love, having a crush on someone, etc. Basically it involves projecting one's anima or animus, which typically includes psychological elements repressed due to societal conditioning aimed at making males masculine and females feminine, onto someone else.

Since these elements - feeling, sensitivity and stability in men and rational thinking and logic in women - are repressed largely due to society's images of what men and women should be rather than inborn tendencies, they are typically associated with an ideal image which remains unconscious. Then this ties in with the whole idea of projection. Someone comes along who matches your inner ideal anima blueprint and all of a sudden, the stars are aligned, meteors are falling, and you've found the one.

For some this is a necessary step to accepting and integrating this disparate parts of one's self, for others it just makes the whole process harder (i.e. it totally fucks your groove up). In a similar vein it could be said that falling in love represents the birth of an anima/animus projection whilst 'true love' is what endures the collapse of said projection.

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