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before man be able to conquer the great outer space, first he must conquer the ever more subtle inner space.

for example we take fear of flying as a metaphor. in order to get over your fear of flying you can choose the easy way, the hard way, or the interesting way:

easy way in 1 step:

your fear of flying is really a good thing. most people would be afraid of falling. so now you begin by jumping, then you progress to jumping on trampolines, then you can do highwire acts with safety nets if available. as a grand finale, when you feel like you've leveled up - try sky diving. as long as you don't think of magically teleporting from the ground to the sky by waiting in an airplane as flying then you're okay.

hard way in 3 steps:

step 1: recognize the pack on your back

when you are going somewhere camping and you have lots of stuff to carry, you tend to think all of that is important but the moment you hike with the pack upwards climbing 100 steps or so you start to believe you may have brought some things quite useless. somethings wrong. do you know what it is?

step 2: toss the back pack

no its not your attitude. with a good attitude you only get 100% effort. in order to get something done, you've got to be committed. so you've got to burn the bridges, experience some mind altering mannerisms, because there's no turning back. in short if you want to reach the top of that mountain by nightfall fast you've got to drop your back pack and forget about all the tools you don't need to get up the side of that mountain. don't you think its about time you set yourself free? be so busy thinking about those more important things that are going to happen to you once you reach the summit that you forget you even brought a pack.

step 3: get back in the sack

once you get to the top of the mountain you've got to celebrate. don't be celibate, share your dreams with that special someone, go out there and be a new father. so now guess what you just accomplished? what does this have to do with your fear of flying? nothing. so now you have nothing to fear rather than flying. you are now free to attach your fears to something else.

interesting way in 5 steps:

step 1: get comfy, be a couch potato

be as unflying as possible, bury yourself under a mound of potato chips, stay still and meditate in the safety of your nonflyable bunker.

step 2: attract flight

once you are ready, be one with nature, swat all the flies which attempt to disturb your private space.

step 3: become lord of the flies

make paper airplanes and attach your picture there, let it safely land where you want it - in the wastepaper basket for easy disposal. repeat.

step 4: immerse yourself in the arts

take a trip to the local museum, then experience 1st edition vintage superman comic books in 4d senses: sight, sound, smell, and super

step 5: exceed your expectations

ride a bicycle with et, take a photo picture as evidence. you've just been abducted by aliens, how can flying be any worse than that?

eventually you will think through your experience and remember how you made it all worthwhile.

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