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Sept 2000 update: antipasta now is online at http://www.antipasta.org (Spanish only)

Antipasta represents a small piece in the corner of great puzzle, one that wants to construct an image of a world better than the one we have now, kind of Political Asylum.

The initial niche of Antipasta is the critic of the effects of the economic neoliberalism in our culture, and how the mass media and the publicity are used to reaffirm that that way is the only possible one.

Internet is now the new fiancee of globalizating capitalism, although like the Hydra, Internet has many heads. Antipasta is wanted to assure that the net continues serving for the diffusion and discussion of ideas, that it is an egalitarian instrument, not only the hen of gold eggs, even if they are of digital gold.

But the most worrisome effects of this poisoning do not take place in the net. Due to their greater diffusion, the television, the radio and the newspapers become the main suspects of the moral and intellectual stupefaction in which we live now. The convergence of traditional mass media with the great groups of the telecommunications and computing (the superconglomerates in the style of AOL-Time Warner, Microsoft, our own Telefónica....) assures that the phenomenon will also arrive at the Internet.

Therefore, Antipasta invites to denounce the messages, more and more expressed in a shamelessly way, of the economic neoliberalism.

I believe that the dimension of this ideological invasion goes beyond the mere digital gold rush that rules the world-wide economy. It wants to impregnate all the corners of our existence, the way we relate to each other, our culture, our vital necessities, our moral.

The most important effect that Antipasta can have is to generate ideas, but I do not exclude that a certain mediatic repercussion can be obtained. It is not easy to break through in mass media speaking about information manipulation, cooling the stock-market, the condonation of the debt of the poor countries, or how the disappearance of the world-wide armies would fix more problems of those than they solve right now. For that reason I am for an Antipasta that uses all the arms that the graphical design and multimedia offer.

We needed to demand the attention of the minds of the people, but, unlike commercial publicity, that says buy, we say think. The creativity and the arts do not have to always serve the same master, Antipasta wants to offer to the creative people and artists of all type the opportunity to create messages that promote the reflection and the rational critic.

My very first writeup, now it has been heavily edited and it is much easier to read.


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