A term in art referring to a collage made with three dimensional objects. While a collage may be slightly three dimensional, as the paper, and other things that make it up are three dimensional, an assemblage is made of three dimensional materials. Assemblage is different from sculpture in that it tends to be done on a relatively flat surface - it is something that could (perhaps) be hung on a wall, whereas sculpture is more often placed on a horizontal surface.

The difference between sculpture and assemblage: assemblage tends to have a two dimensional image plane; sculpture tends to have a three dimensional image plane - there is some value in the depth of the work.

Disclaimer. These are general terms. Different artists may see things differently. This is a reasonable representation of the popular use of the terms.

As*sem"blage, n. [Cf. F. assemblage. See Assemble.]


The act of assembling, or the state o being; association.

In sweet assemblage every blooming grace. Fenton.


A collection of individuals, or of individuals, or of particular things; as, a political assemblage; an assemblage of ideas.

Syn. -- Company; group; collection; concourse; gathering; meeting; convention. Assemblage, Assembly. An assembly consists only of persons; an assemblage may be composed of things as well as persons, as, an assemblage of incoherent objects. Nor is every assemblage of persons an assembly; since the latter term denotes a body who have met, and are acting, in concert for some common end, such as to hear, to deliberate, to unite in music, dancing, etc. An assemblage of skaters on a lake, or of horse jockeys at a race course, is not an assembly, but might be turned into one by collecting into a body with a view to discuss and decide as to some object of common interest.


© Webster 1913.

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