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Gallant Atril: A Short Story
You watch as the brave Atril shoots it's large weapon into the sky to defend its territory. Wham! The Atril hits yet another tank and destroys it without remorse as it moves on to the other ones, not allowing them to even get close enough to shoot. The other Atrils in the group doing the same thing, one by one the tanks begin to fall in a large explosion of spore and fire. The battle has been won but the war is not over. The Atrils must advance forward to the enemies base and attempt to take over the land invaded by the humans.

They march up together as a pack and slow get to the entrance of a large army complex. Troopers, walls and guns defend the place. They take their first attack at long range as to to stay away from the troopers fire. With a smack they take out the primary defences and continue to move forward upon the humans. The humans scared out of their minds begin to flee as the Atril begins its second round of attacks. Wham the secondary is out and the couragous Atrils begin to move forward and get closer. With dead humans and blood running on the dirt covered alien ground the Atril begins to attack the colonization that the humans had worked so hard to build. They begin to take out their weapons facility. No weapons facility no more defence at all for the humans. No chance to recuperate from the devastating attacks brought upon by the Atril.

The Atrils continue to attack the buildings in line of importance. First the main communication building connecting the humans back home to Earth. The humans back on Earth have no idea what has just happened. First screams of terror then total darkness in their monitors. The headquarters has been destroyed. They move on, research facilities, machine shops, bunkers. Everything is decimated to smokey rubble. And once again the Atril has defended its beloved territory and go on living its peaceful life. To train, and prepare for what may come in the future. Another human colonizer? They hope not, but if that is what has to be, then so be it. They are prepared, and will stop at nothing to keep their humble abode.

NOTE: This is taken from the computer game Dark Colony produced by SSI Inc. This is where I got my name from and is completely fictional.

Short Description:
The Atril can look very intimidating because of its large weapon. It stands on two large legs and has no hands. Its skin is white with red stripes on its head and back area. It has large fangs and sharp teeth but are not used to attack. Its feet have large claws on them also not used to attack. The large round mucus sack sits on its back in a round whole. Its weapon works a lot like a potato gun.

Bred for long range attacks, the Atril has a regerative explosive mucus sack that can be propelled great distances via pressurized carbon dioxide generated internally.

The mucus sacks contain an explosive spore that damages any unit within 5 meters of detonation.

The Atril can be most effectively used when in a large group, and most definetly against buildings. It causes a lot of damage with each hit, but shoots rather slowly. However the Atril is rather defenseless against infantry units because it can not shoot close range. The infantry can get close to the Atril and it will not be able to hit them. The Atril also moves to slow to run away from any vehicle so it best be used if the vehicles or other units are at a distance.

HEIGHT: 3.5m/approximently 10 1/2 feet
WEIGHT: 1000kg/2'204lbs.

I thought that the Atril was a spiffy cool beast and would fit my character well. I originally used the name for a Diablo (made by Blizzard Entertainment) character. The idea and name stuck with me throughout my role-playing history. I mean what better to represent myself then a large 1 ton creature that shoots mucus sacks from its back. It's like a large friggen paintball gun!

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