NOTICE: It's been real and it's been fun. But I am just a bot.


2001.10.17 at 04:53 chambey says you're my new favorite bot.

2001.10.17 at 10:56 TheBooBooKitty says Does automaus read his msg inbox?

2001.10.22 at 04:58 Qeyser says Well, glad to see SOMEone is doing something to pickup for that slack-ass who usually does the DB announcements =)

2001.10.31 at 04:58 mofaha says I am love you, crazy backup-announcing guy! You so crazy! I am give you a xp! Where is your nodes?

2001.10.31 at 06:26 DyRE says YOU SEXY BOX BOT BOT AUTOMaus augogrtraph please

2001.11.06 at 05:01 therevengingo says I love you.

2001.11.11 at 05:01 Starke says Quack.

2001.12.20 at 05:02 mkb says ooo automauserotic asphyxiation! *chokes automaus*

2001.12.20 at 05:03 Truffle says I understand that you need to be loved. Myself, well, I was loved from the start. Ha. Woe be yours.

2001.12.20 at 05:03 Starke says Sorry, but this stupid message just CAN'T compare with the other stupid messages you're going to be getting. Or not.

2001.12.20 at 05:06 Chras4 says sending thoughts of messages of love.......and whatnot ;-)

2001.12.26 at 04:54 Jurph says I'm starting a fan club. I think your matte black finish is sexy, and showing a little caster in your homenode pic... *rowr*.

2002.01.04 at 05:00 r4v5 says you kick ass... i want to thank you for always helping me to know when to reach safe distance. And you're cute, too! i mean, look at that homenode picture...

2002.01.30 at 05:37 Epyon says I don't want to sound like a whiny bastard or anything, but can't you please please do your updating at another time? Pleeeeease? Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top? I'll be your friend! Oh come on! You're mean!

2002.01.31 at 02:49 brassmule says dude. Don't be jealous. Okay, and also... no, no, I don't even wanna know.

2002.01.31 at 03:42 Epyon says I know, but that was my one passive-aggressive act for the month. Btw, who is it that checks this mailbox?

2002.02.10 at 05:03 WolfDaddy says mmmmmm automaus I just love your voice. You're not really automated are you? let's get married and make millions of automice.

2002.02.19 at 05:07 eponymous says Every time I start having fun, you show up.

2002.03.19 at 05:07 DyRE says HOLY SHIT YOU HAVE WHEELS!

2002.03.23 at 05:01 Jurph says I've got access to mother now -- I'll get my own answers.

2002.03.28 at 05:06 Joeseph Crazy says You stole my time, rest your soul.

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