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Quite often someone who travels on a very low budget. As a result these people are often extremely resourceful and can subsist on little more than bread and beer for months at a time.

Showers are optional for backpackers.

A great way to see the world, meet people and drink lots and lots of alcohol.

"This is for all the backpackers...the computer hackers...the video gamers...the deranged Krylon paint sprayers..."

- El-P, from the song "Offspring" on Del's Both Sides of the Brain

In another usage of the term, a backpacker is a dedicated hip-hop head. These backpackers, who can be found riding public transportation, walking down the street, and trespassing in industrial parks, carry their backpacks (or knapsacks) for many different reasons:

  • Music - It's mandatory to have a large supply of tunes on one's person at all times, whether CD or tape (sadly, the Vinylman has yet to reach production as of this writing).
  • Camera - You never know when you're gonna see some crazy shit out there. Benchers, of course, need a camera to catch flicks.
  • Propaganda/reading material - Some people have a cause to promote; others just have a lot of long bus rides to kill time on (see: Music).
  • Notebook/art supplies/graffiti implements - Whether legal or illegal, backpackers have a tendency to create, in words, sounds, or pictures. The creative muse must be indulged at the slightest notice...
  • Clothing - When you're on your own two feet, the elements can really get to ya. A spare hoodie/jacket/coat is a must.
  • Alcohol/weed - Bring the party with you...

Ideally, the backpack will contain everything necessary to conduct all possible activities; the aim of the backpacker is to carry their life on their shoulders.

See P_I's writeup for a little more along this vein...

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