The word "grumpy" is often used interchangeably with the term "bad mood". A bad mood is a collection of emotions that cannot be described unless several words from The Deeper Meaning of Liff by Douglas Adams are consulted and blatantly plagiarised. It is usually characterised by a shortening of the individual's temper to a length equivalent to the height of butter on sandwiches provided by British Rail, ie, only measurable by a Micrometer Screw Gauge. Further symptoms include a permanent frown, irritability and frustrating clumsiness that only excacerbates the blues.

On regression of the bad mood, the subject's conversation is reduced from monosyllabic cynical remarks to nothing at the point when the afflicted individualstomps/shuffles/lurches out of the room to cool off.

The bad mood may be brought about in several ways but is usually instigated by terrors such as hangovers, moaning females and volcanic eruptions. Minor conditions such as terminal illness and bereavement have been reputed to be contributory factors but evidence of this has yet to be uncovered.

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