In English Canada there are five major Canadian Banks¹: Scotiabank, Toronto Dominion, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Bank of Montreal and the Royal Bank. Since they are unchallenged by real competition they need to have no real concept of customer service. Individual tellers do their best, but eventually their bank's actions will piss off the average Canadian.

So what we do is, pull our money out of the branch in a huff and march down the street to a different bank's local branch. We deposit our money, get new cheques and wait for this bank to incur our wrath.

Except for the very sensitive or those with total recall, by the time the fifth bank has infuriated you, you've forgotten what the first one did, and can start again.

Personally, I'm only on my third bank, but I have an unusually thick skin.

1. I have no experience with Quebec's Banque Nationale or the Caisses Populaires.

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