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Neccesity being the mother of invention, a device created to counter the twin dangers of spooning: the inadequacy of pillows for both lying on one's side and one's back, and more importantly, the difficult question of where to put the downside arm when one is the outer spoon. Traditionally, the options have been to either wedge the arm unpleasantly between the outer spoon and the inner spoon, or lie on top of the arm, or place the arm behind oneself. The latter two solutions will frequently cause a cessation of bloodflow to the appendage, which is for obvious reasons undesirable.

Hence, the bed with movable arm-hole. The outer spoon lies so that his or her downside shoulder is placed above a well-sized hole leading to a warm,soft chamber located inside the bed. This has the pleasant secondary effect that the shoulder is not forced to bear more than its fair share of weight.

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