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The word beeline, when used as a verb, describes the act of going quickly and directly towards a goal. As a noun it refers to the quickest route available. The word normally appears in the idiom, “make a beeline.” This idiom, which is at least two hundred years old, refers to the bee’s uncanny ability to fly directly to food sources.

Here are some examples of usage:

“Inevitably, the new monkey makes a beeline for the banana, and gets his reward, a ritualistic beating.”

- macro

“My cousin and I tried to escape, but Nipsey was making a beeline right for us.”

- Jet-Poop

“I watched him make a beeline for the buffet table, where he grabbed a plate and took six deviled eggs. Six deviled eggs!”

- Hatshepsut

“Archie had just managed to get Gracie Whitlock into the cooler and made a beeline for the upstairs bedroom to remove the evidence of the foiled seduction.”

- riverrun

"Many readers made a beeline to the links in this article, searching for an intresting pipelink."

- chappyzoodle


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