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Beer Cricket is an Australian type of Drinking game.

It tends to be played by Australian males in a pub environment, due to the easy availabilty of varying types of Adult Refreshment.

It is usually played in 2 teams of 2/3, but can be played with more or less players/teams, it matters only slightly if teams are of uneven number.

You do not need to know the rules of real cricket to be able to play.

Firstly, everyone buys a drink. Then they drink it. Then they repeat this process until the end of the game.

The scoring system is as follows:
  • 1 point: a shot of alcohol (roughly 40% by volume), this can be Scotch, Bourbon, Vodka, Sambucca, Ouzo etc. Bailley's and Kalhua generally don't count, it needs to be strong enough to cause some discomfort when consumed.
  • 2 points: a standard spirit plus mix (eg rum'n'coke), this is why it's handy to do this thing at a pub/bar where you have an impartional bartender.
  • 4 points (ie a "boundary"): a Schooner (ie, around 375-400mL) of beer.
  • 6 points: a pint (600mL) of beer.
    Wine, alcopops etc do not count, Australian men tend to question their sexuality when these are drunk.

    Also, note that in regular cricket, points are known as runs, in this case, the term may be a little ambiguous (as you're not only scoring runs, but are running to the bar running to the dunny, and if you play overzealously, may get the other type of runs).

    Your team keeps drinking and amassing points. Now, what makes things interesting (and if you know the actual game of actual cricket) is wickets.

    When you or a member of your team urinates (either in the dunny or in their dacks), that's one wicket. 10 wickets is the end of the game, add up your points and declare a winner.

    Basic strategy: Start out on a pint or two, then maybe a schooner (lose a wicket), a couple more schooners (lose a wicket), maybe a spirit and mix (lose a wicket because those previous beers have caught up), then with your team at say 9/90 or so, force down shots of vodka until one of you cracks and you finish up totally drunk at all out 10/100 or so.

    Enjoy, and don't drink and drive.
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