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Belly Button Lint

What is belly button lint?
It is the fuzzy material that collects in your belly button. Similar to lint from the lint trap in a dryer, but usually found in far smaller amounts.

Why does belly button lint occur?
A friend and I did some research. We discovered that belly button lint occurs far more frequently with men, especially with men who wear heavier clothing, or fuzzy clothing. This sort of clothing is worn mostly in the colder times of the year. Also, that belly button lint occurs in larger amounts with hairier men.

So we developed a theory. We believe that the belly button is concious (this does demonstrate a bit of a leap of logic, but we're arts students, so that's okay). And, during the colder seasons, it gets chilly. So the belly button hair starts to collect bits of fabric from whatever it can reach, usually the inside of one's shirt. The belly button hair begins to weave a blanket over the belly button, in order to conserve heat. However, it's goals are often thwarted by well-meaning individuals who wish to be viewed as clean, and in that pursuit, take the belly button lint away from their belly buttons.

So, if any of you have any pity at all for this historic part of your body, please either let that belly button blanket build, or buy a belly button warmer.

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