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Bike Etiquette. The "DOs and DON'Ts" to allow bikes, pedestrians and cars all live in peaceful harmony.


-Ride on the street when possible. You are a vehicle and most laws actually require it.

-Ride with traffic, not against and keep a steady line on the right side of the lane.

-Use hand signals when turning or changing lanes. For left turn, point left hand and arm out straight, parallel to the ground. For right turn, hold left arm at a right angle, and pointing up, or point right arm out straight. If you are braking, put your hand, palm up, in the middle of your back.

At night, wear light colors, a light, and reflectors if possible.


-Do not play in traffic.

-Do not make quick movements or cut off cars.

-Do not run red lights!

CAR (DOs):

-Do let bikes on the road. They belong there!

CAR (DON'Ts)-Do not yell at, honk at, or harass bikers. That is a great way to get them in a wreck.

PEDESTRIANS: If someone on a bike is riding on the sidewalk (where no streets are available), move to one side so the bike can get through.

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