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You are my soul mate, I love you more than anything. You're the one I sing about when I sing "it's all been done." You are as cool as Ani DiFranco, your face shows me a thousand lifetimes. For years you have lived a continent away but your voice changes my brainwaves still. Coping with your distance, i found Ally McBeal. Calista Flockhart looks very much like you, and Ally's character has elements in common with you, my soulmate. You are funny and loony and wistful and potent the way ally is. And beautiful. So every monday i can watch my soulmate fall in love ( i have no fear of losing your love for me, none ) and win cases and it makes me happy.

There was a character named Billy who was Ally's soulmate, so I always identified with him. The poignancies of their relationship always piqued my emotions. Their history was similar to ours, once together, still in love, best friends. I would watch, feeling that things he said to her were the things I would say to you. Last season he died suddenly of a brain tumor (how general hostpital). Despite the soap-opera contrivance it really touched me. The last thing he said was "all my heart, forever" to ally. It hurt to see that happen, but it summed up everything I have felt and will feel about you. I felt such hope, and love and sorrow all running though me. I would die happy if i died in your arms.

Words don't express such things, only a lifetime of being there, of being the best person i can be so i can be that person for you will begin to convery it.

All my heart, Laura, forever.

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