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In hoodoo, it is believed that if a conjurer boils a black cat alive...

Okay, excuse me for a moment while I gag.

...it is believed that if a conjurer boils a black cat alive, one of its bones will, when placed in the conjurer's mouth under the tongue, make him or her invisible. Or it can be anointed with Van Van Oil and carried in a mojo bag to bring back a lost lover.

Ariel Hawksquill does the invisibility trick in the novel Little, Big by John Crowley. I urge you, however, in the STRONGEST TERMS IMAGINABLE, not to boil, bake, fry, or otherwise harm a cat for any reason.

To make your own black cat bone you don't just boil a black cat alive, you have to do it at midnight on the night of a full moon. (duh!)

Boiled the cat until the skin and meat falls off and then take the bones to a river that runs north. Throw the bones in the river, the bone that will make you invisible will float south. Now fish that bone out and start having fun with your new powers. (But watch out for those pesky animal rights activists and christians!)

source: gramps

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