Monday afternoon; 4 p.m.. Waiting for the bus to take you home. Crowded, yet alone, among twenty, maybe thirty other people doing the exact same thing. Patterns, repeating themselves whether we like it or not. Eyes leering aimlessly at rushing by-passers, fleeting cars, impaling through thick brick walls, like some sort of super-power.

Sick&tired of being trapped inside a vicious, mundane loop.

Here it comes...Like obeying an order, all make identical moves and automatic doors close behind. Feeling lucky today?! You should be, 'cause catching a good place near the window is like hitting the jackpot. Your attention is unwillingly drawn to the 2 preschool girls and their Grannie sitting next to you. The other passengers are visibly disturbed by their bubbly laughter. But you most certainly are not. You know that they're the only ones in this Godforsaken place to be really alive, not just breathing.

They're twins: halves of a whole.One of them is singing a lullaby for the stuffed teddy she's carrying. Grannie gently whispers some advice. But Little Miss Sunshine knows better than that...

You catch a glimpse of the bear. It's a Me To You Teddy, holding a blue pillow. That explains the lullaby. Looking closer at the pillow, you can't help but notice how its blueness becomes emphasized next to fur's gray shade. There are also three little words embedded on it :

"blue, without you"

And then it hits you. POW! Like a bullet in the head. A devastating railway collision splinting your insides. Bricks of your happy-wannabe wall are falling down, disintegrating denial:

you are blue without that you...

so, if you find yourself in a similar situation, stop hiding behind fear and lame excuses! Be brave and fight for your credence!

What's the point in possessing a big brain, if you've got nothing worth thinking about?

Will you forever sigh and wonder what if...?

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