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A common alias for a paddle used to wack school children with. A board used to spank children nicknamed as such with the idea that the child would learn something out of the experience of getting their hide tanned. Rarely used now-a-days, but was a common schoolroom accessory years ago.

I remember my first grade teacher had one and so did my fourth grade teacher. I was taught a little by both. Funny thing is I saw my fourth grade teacher at one of my little brother's high school graduation recently. How could such a frail old nun strike such fear in the hearts of the young? So much so that still today I had shivers talking to her. I could completely pummel this women to death, but still there is some fear. She is part of the problems I have with the Catholic Church, and probably partly why I vehemently hate hypocrites. She didn't recognize me, thought I was one of my brothers I think.

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