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Reading about Tumbler's mess by distinguished noders here and here explains the weirdness lately at my Wordpress blog. I have new followers but they often are not people at all. They are news sites or sales sites. Why would topnews follow my blog? I have some followers most of whom do not read it, and then some who do. One being my paternal aunt. Most of my consistent readers are other wordpress bloggers.

I am followed by https://www.rgscrawlspace.com/ and https://abpestcontrolwa.com/. I think I posted a picture of a bug. The pest control site has an upside down dead roach. You can imagine my serotonin rush as a I check out the new followers.

So, dear noders, I conclude that they are linking to my site because it has an "okay" no pOrn listing. Makes the search engines happy.

I also get an occasional email. Mostly from people saying how to "leverage" my blog for sales, which seems rather silly as I have nothing for sale on the blog. I got a query offering help with my bike shop. As you know, I do not run nor work in a bike shop. I have gotten a query from a rehab place saying why don't I list them on my blog? Well.... that's not the purpose of the blog. And as my daughter said in preschool: "I don't KNOW them."

The internet has always seemed weird to me and I would have avoided it entirely if I hadn't wanted more time with grundoon..... so here I still am. Weird.

Anyhow, I think Tumblr has a bad case of botyoulism and we will see more and more of it....

bless our editors for booting bots

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