"This is a bowel disruptor. And you are just full of shit."

Though he's been known to use cigarettes, guns, and even boots to the groin, Spider Jerusalem of Transmetropolitan favors the bowel disruptor as his weapon of choice. Warren Ellis never explicitly explains how it works, but as can be best deduced, the bowel disruptor causes an immediate discharge of all contents of the intestinal tract. Bowel disruptors are silent, leave no evidence, and are highly illegal. All the same, most thugs and bodyguards recognize one when they see it, and some, including Spider's body guard Channon Yarrow have made them in shop class.

The bowel disruptor comes in a few models or designs, each with different settings. Spider's models have included the following settings:

Channon and Yelena also wielded bowel disruptors in Vol. 9, "The Cure". Regardless of setting, the bowel disruptor looks like a simple blue ray gun with a large yellow dial on the side. It is about the size of a medium pistol.

Source: Warren Ellis, Darick Robertson, & Rodney Ramos' masterpiece, Transmetropolitan.
Please let me know if I've missed a setting, or other important feature.

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