It was my first time in Reno as a grownup. We were eating dinner at some cheesy diner at Bally's. In the middle of the table, instead of the obligatory juice-glass full of crayons, there was, um, an obligatory juice glass full of black crayons. After drawing a sufficiently morbid scene for the color palette available, the gears started turning.

Every diner in the city, as well as numerous smoking lounges, had hundreds upon hundreds of long black crayons. Apparently for keno. I thought "they must be good for some art project. don't know what. but something will come up.

Eventual project was an extra-tall box of 64 crayons, covered in crinkly black fancy japenese paper, full of black crayons, each with a custom label (on matching non-crinkly black fancy japenese paper), bearing words such as scorn, murder, prejudice, abuse, starvation, corruption, devastation, addiction, manipulation.

this week only: photo on my home node: tim_three

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