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Kiss me, latent boy . . . kiss me now
tease me, touch me, toss me
take me in your arms

to that never-was world of
sweeping verandas and ripping bodices

No?  Harlequin not in your vocabulary?

Then just hold me, cuddle me, spoon me
never mind the clumsy zippers and stubborn buttons

I'll take the stolen hand rubs and shoulder massages
just a little monkey grooming to quench this skin hunger

Still no?  Then run along home, latent boy
to the locker room and back parking lot
to the grab-ass, loose towels and longing glances

I know a wrong way sign when I see it.

I know, too, how you'll talk
of your skill and prowess, to be a part of
to make me with words the conquest
you could never make with your body

Well, go ahead and talk, latent boy . . . I'll never tell.

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