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A pork sausage! Pretty tasty. The best way to make these are to mix up a bunch of your favorite barbeque sauce enough so that when you put a bratwurst in it it would be covered in sauce. Now on a grill slowly grill your brats. At some point you want to put the BBQ sauce in a metal pan and put that on a warm part of the grill (off to the side) so that the sauce warms up. After the bratwurst have finished grilling put them in the barbeque sauce and let them sit in there and soak up some sauce for a while. Now stick in a hot-dog bun and enjoy!

Originally a German word meaning "fry-sausage" and used in German like that - for every kind of sausage that's fried or grilled, no matter whether there's pork in it or not. Finer distinctions are made according to the origin of the particular kind of sausage, such as frankfurter (which are originally fried, not cooked, the cooked ones are wieners) or thüringer.

Bratwurst is a delicious type of sausage. An excellent way of cooking it (this is not a very accurate description) is to pour a small amount of beer in a frying pan, and then fry the bratwurst while the beer soaks in. The alcohol volume is minimal, and the result tastes excellent. Also, of course, it's great to add Barbecue sauce. Bratwurst, in my opinion, is excellent with salad, corn on the cob, potatoes, and sometimes some bread. The meat content in bratwurst is much higher than in any ordinary hot dog, where the meat content is about 5%. It is a high-quality meal, with ground mixed meats and sometimes added spices.

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