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Interesting...I didn't know there were ghetto dialects, but I seem to have found one.

Around here, "break yo'self" is more like a threat to shut up or face the consequences, as in "You better shut up 'cause you about to break yo'self..." I've never heard it in the imperative like that. We do use Step Off, Step Down, Jump Back, Get Back, Shut Up and Fuck Off as completely interchangeable; actually, extemporaneous architecture of these general phrases is not uncommon--so I guess, eventually, I'll hear "break yo'self" in the correct everythingian context. Pretty much any motion and any direction are game if you're mad enough: Fling off! Fly back, yo. I've even heard (twice) Flip down and Back left, motherfucker. Then you get some niggas who just don't give a damn about objective meaning, and they come out with shit like, "Go be (or act like) somebody"; "Slide off me"; "Get outta my pants" and even "Let go'a my dick, bro."

I don't claim to understand them, but when you're dealing with ebonics, the specifics are hardly the issue. It's all vowels half the time anyway.

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