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4:00 am

meep, meep, meep...

reaching up from groggy slumber to turn off alarm
stirring out of warm sheets into chilly air
slipping into snuggly black sweatpants
the ones with bright blue and crisp white paint splatters that never came out
sliding into tank top, no bra
quickly followed by whichever sweatshirt SO had last worn
still with faint traces of sage/citrus clinging to it

breathe deeply, stretch

tying L.L.Bean boots, grabbing keys still half asleep
starting truck, driving along dark remote road
not another soul in sight, shades of gray
kneeling on cold hard sidewalk
inserting this section into that, stacking papers onto front seat
smells of fresh ink

breathe deeply, stretch

moving to first stop, loading papers into sack
folding, lifting, depositing
next door, repeat
letting body shift into automatic pilot
watching warm cloud of breath
seeing fog roll along grass
skampering bunnies leaving swirls of mist in their wake
drinking in first colors of day, pink, red, orange
hearing sounds of crisp paper, squeaks of doors
greeting songs of birds

breathe deeply, stretch

driving to coffee shop
warming hands around cup
inhaling nutty aroma, sipping carefully
tasting hazelnut, creamy and sweet
travelling to next stop, loading papers into sack
folding, lifting, depositing
"Good morning Mr. Jones"
"Lovely day to you Miss"
"Yes, it is lovely, isn't it"
smiling warmth of ritual dawn greeting
streaming rays of sunlight dance across the porch

he breathes deeply, stretches

"Enjoy your day!"
"I already am!"
finishing route, returning home
turning on tea kettle, climbing stairs
gazing on sleeping faces, mouth curving upwards
bending down, brushing hair from faces
kissing cheeks softly, waking them gently

they breathe deeply, stretch

"Good Morning!"

7:00 am

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