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Vivacity; liveliness; dash; con brio, spiritedly as,
The play has a lot of brio and a few bumps.
Music with vigour as, to strike strings with stick of the bow con brio.
Italian, from Celtic brigos.
Brio is an Italian soda soft-drink that is thicker in syrup taste yet distinctly original and palpable. Easily available in Toronto, Ontario convenience-stores.

There are many types of Brio Chinotto sold in Toronto, it being watered down is questionable.
Brio is a brand of wooden toy trains made in europe. The tracks fit together with jigsaw puzzle style toggles and the little wooden train cars attach with magnets. Various accessories - little wooden trees, people, stations, animals, switches and flags are available. Everything is made of sturdy pieces in bright solid colours. Brio is sold in small sets in green boxes; all the sets are compatible.

Brio is also a brand name of chinotto, which is a bitter italian cola-esque pop. Brio chinotto is a watered down version of the italian original for North American audiences.

Brio is also the name of a PC that Hewlett Packard is marketing to beginning users and sort-of a workstation for companies that can't afford better. The PC's generally have small amounts of RAM (32 MB) and are good only for basic internet surfing, email, and word processing. They have Celeron processors from 433 mhz to 600 mhz and Windows 98.


Brio is a swedish railroad toy. It is hideously expensive, although extremely fun. Tracks are made of non-splintering wood that comes in numerous shapes. As well as curves and straight pieces, there's also bridges, ramps so you can custom build your bridges, connecting pieces so that the trains can go either way, turn-wheels, bridges that lift up, and tons of other stuff

It's very fun for 2-7 year olds just to watch the trains go around, but at around 10 you start to appreciate the engineering (well, if you're a geek, anyways).If you have quite a lot, then you can make fantastic tracks with numerous bridges and cross-sections.

Recently, Brio has come out with electric train engines, which are very cool, though very expensive.

Brio is very nice for people who like the idea of trains, and would get into model railroads, if they had the time/money/whatever.

A final benifit is the fact that all Brio pieces are guarrantied for life. If you take them to any good Brio-selling store, they will be replaced, even if you don't have a receipt.

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