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A mythical device, closely related to the bogometer, which when activated can detect bullshit. Constantly being updated to new versions that can detect fresh new versions and varieties of bullshit, including push content (1997), portals(1998), mobile internet(1999) and ubiquitous broadband access(present day).

Also correctly identifies vintage bullshit, such as the classic "the check's in the mail" or the ever popular "yes, of course it was good for me too".

DARPA research director Rand Waltzman always recommended the use of this device upon hearing the word methodology used in the context "if you use our methodology you can have monkeys writing the code and it will still look like the word of God".

Eurpoean Patent Office application number WO2001JP07048 20010815

Requested Patent WO0216915

Publication date: 2002-02-28

Inventor(s): IKEMATSU MINEO (JP)



A chemical sensor consisting of a microplate provided with plural wells in which a reaction solution is contained, an outer air inlet, a light source, a first wavelength selection unit, a second wavelength selection unit, a fluorescence detection unit and a data processing unit.

The reaction solution contains a bovine-origin odor-binding protein.

An outer air containing an odor substance is introduced into the reaction solution via the outer air inlet. Then the odor substance binds to the odor-binding protein in the reaction solution. The fluorescence obtained by irradiating the odor-binding protein, which has been bound to the odor substance, with light is detected thereby detecting the odor substance contained in the outer air.

This info is taken from http://l2.espacenet.com/dips/viewer?PN=WO0216915&CY=ep&LG=en&DB=EPD

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